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We’re a family-owned and operated business that specializes in making your home feel like you’ve always wanted it to.

We love helping people get their dream office setup, no matter how big or small the space. We can make your kitchen go from a regular kitchen to the place where your family starts their day, and where they meet to wind down. It makes us feel great that we can make customers love their spaces, so they can love their homes more.

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Priority Painting Services

Decks, Fences, sheds, Garages, Barns, and full exteriors

Living spaces, ceilings, walls, trim, doors, and more!

Kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, and even built-ins

AKA Whitewashing Brick or Lime Painting can transform stone

All interior and Exterior Wooden Surfaces can Be Stained

Repairs, wallpaper, and whatever you need!

How Priority Painting Services Started

Maximo Navarrete (founder of Priority Painting Services) was taught the trade by his brother in the 90s, and fell in love with the trade. He moved from New Jersey to Indiana in 2002 and founded his company in 2004. Manny Navarrete took over the company in 2017 after learning the trade from Maximo Navarrete, and in addition to delivering great craftsmanship, Manny also saw the opportunity to improve the customer experience in the painting industry.

Our most unique attribute that we have is that we love to do more than just painting—we like to do projects like wallpaper, limewashing, and some epoxy as well! We try to help customers solve their problems by providing more than just paint jobs; if we don’t have the answers for them right away, we’ll find someone who does!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we carry Liability and worker’s comp. These certificates are provided with every proposal. Painting license is not needed in Indiana for painting contractors.

No, you don’t need to be home when we’re working on your project. We do ask to have someone present on the first day of work for both interior and exterior projects.

Yes, especially if we’re doing accent walls. The additional cost doesn’t just come from the extra paint, but it does require the appropriate coordination to choose what color is painted first and then waiting for that to dry to work on the second color. When it comes to different colors in different rooms, the cleaning and changing of materials from room to room is also additional labor.

No, we will always provide paint for your project. We’ve found this to be the best approach in case we need more paint and/or need to modify something in the middle of your project. This is also important for any warranty request.

Every project different and has different needs, so timelines vary. On average our projects last 3-4 days for exteriors and 2-3 days for interior repaints. A timeline for your project is provided with your proposal to let you how long your project will last.

There are many ways to save money on your project! One of the most impactful things you can do is getting your spaces ready for your painters before your project starts. The less things your painters need to move around equals less labor time! What does this look like? For interior projects, this includes clearing tables of any pictures, lamps, or anything fragile. Also, removing pictures off the wall, removing curtains/blinds (If possible) and leaving the nails where you want to keep the nail holes in place, and removing the nails where you want those patched is very helpful for us! We’re more than happy to do these things, but you won’t believe how much time is saved by getting some of the things listed above before our arrival.

Yes, and no! Smaller rooms may be “easier” because is less space, but smaller rooms usually involve more paint cuts, and more time to wait for dry time. In a bigger room, there are walls that require less cuts!

None! Our proposals include all the prep work necessary to deliver the best finish for your project. We welcome our customers prepare the areas that will be painted by moving decorations or furniture but no preparation of surfaces that will be painted.

Flat category (Flat, matte): A flat sheen finish is a finish that doesn’t reflect light because there is no sheen. The absence of reflection allows for paint pigments to come through, resulting in better hiding of wall imperfections with a uniform finish. Flat sheens is also excellent for doing touch ups.

Best places to use: (Interiors) Walls and ceilings, (Exteriors) Sidings.

Satin category (Low Gloss, Low Sheen, High Sheen, Eg-shel, Low Lustre, velvet, satin): A satin sheen finish has a low to medium reflectance when hit by light. This sheen isn’t as good as the flat sheens as far as hiding imperfections, but it’s most definitely better when it comes to the durability and performance.

Common places to use: (Interiors) Walls, (Exteriors) Trim, Doors.

Semi-gloss Category (Semi-gloss, Pearl, Medium Lustre): Semi-gloss sheen create a medium to low-high reflectance on your surfaces when hit by light. This category is best suited to reflect details in millwork, trim and doors. In addition to highlighting details, it also hardens to protect your surfaces better than the flat and satin categories.

Common places to use: (Interiors) Trim, Doors, Millwork (Exteriors) Doors

Gloss Category (Gloss, High Gloss): Gloss categories create a high reflectance when hit by light. The high reflectance creates almost a mirror-like finish on fine finish millwork for elegant finishes with the best durability possible.

Common places to use: (Interiors) Doors (Exteriors) Doors

Our go to paints are from Sherwin Williams for interior and exteriors! We love to use Emerald for both interiors and Emerald Rain Refresh for exteriors. Our other favorite for interior includes Sherwin Williams’ Cashmere and Benjamin Moore’s Regal. Our other favorites for exteriors include Sherwin Williams’ Resilience and Benjamin Moore’s Regal and Aura. 

Absolutely, especially since there is a myth that sheens are the indicator of paint durability but it’s important to note that higher-quality paints consist of ingredients and less fillers that make these products perform better and longer than lower quality paints. Using higher quality paints like Sherwin Williams’ Emerald will not only make the colors you choose look amazing, but it will also have fewer issues when cleaning up or touching up. For example, Sherwin Williams’ Emerald interior comes in a flat sheen that is washable! Something that you would not be able to get with other lower quality products.

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