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Don’t get stuck with the ugly red brick around your house, or paint your brick that ends up looking like plastic!

Limewashing (also known as whitewashing or lime painting) not only preserves your home by not trapping in the air like petroleum-based paints, but it also creates a unique patina look that will make your neighbors turn their heads and you will have a finish that will be hard to replicate!

Whitewashing Brick FAQ's

Consultation: 1. Phone/Zoom consultation 2. In-Person Meeting

Proposal: 1. Approval 2. Deposit (30%)

Planning: 1. Color Consultation 2. Color Approval 3. Schedule

Products: (Romabio)1. Romabio Limewash, Romabio Masonry Paint

Applications: 1. One coat of application

Cleaning & Final Walkthrough

Limewashing, Whitewashing, lime painting is an authentic slaked lime paint, handcrafted in Italy with lime from the Dolomite mountains. It is specially formulated so that it calcifies and hardens into unpainted brick, stone, or masonry surfaces. Using lime-based products provides breathability that won’t seal-in the brick around you house!

Limewashing: This is an old-world look that has a distress look to it, showing off the original brick in certain places.

Whitewashing: This is an even coverage that doesn’t completely cover the original brick, but does allow the brick to have some exposure, and allowing the brick to show its natural variety.

Lime Painting: Has a rich, even coverage that looks like paint but has no sheen and allow the brick to breath, unlike latex paint.

Our go to products is made from Romabio! Their mineral-based products make it so that we can achieve that old world vintage look that you’re supposed to get out of limewashing, whitewashing, and lime painting.

Yes! Surfaces that contain algae, moss, or mold does need to be treated before applying the Romabio finish. Our standard procedure is to power wash all surfaces that will be worked on.

Romabio is an authentic limewash paint that’s formulated to patina over time depending on weather exposure. There is no manufacturer warranty for limewashing and whitewashing as it is unknown how your limewash finish will change due to natural elements, but there is no need to repaint unless you want a different look. For lime painting, there is a 25-year warranty.

There is no manufacturer warranty on your limewash, and whitewash. Masonry painting has a 25-year product warranty. We do offer a 1-year warranty on labor for all our lime-based products.

Romabio has their own colors and can also be tinted to any of the colors of your major painting!

Limewashing and whitewashing: Only light colors!

Lime Painting: Any color!

Yes! Because this product will calcify onto your surface it will not chip, peel, or flake and does not lose depth of color. Romabio Classico Limewash will continue to patina based on the weather elements and touch ups are very easy that can be done at any time! Also, because this product is so flat, touch-ups are seamless.

Limewashing, whitewashing: Limewash is a one-coat application!

Lime painting: two coat process

No, Romabio Classico Limewash is fully opaque, flat finish lime paint. When applied to your brick, it will dry to a lighter color, but it does not alter the colors of the brick.

Yes, Romabio Classico Limewash is a fully opaque, flat finish lime paint. The amount of exposure that you want to see from your brick is up to your design.

Your surfaces can be gently cleaned with mild detergent and water. It’s recommended that the use of harsh chemicals should be avoided.

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