Is it too late to get my house painted in Indianapolis?

It is too late to get your house painted? when is it too early or when is it too late to get painting estimates? Can i still get my house painted this season? In this blog we’ll discuss information regarding what you should expect from painting contractors in central Indianapolis and surrounding areas if you are just beginning to look for exterior painting estimates.

When are painting companies the busiest in central Indianapolis and surrounding areas?n

March and May offer inconsistent weather here in Indiana and for the most part we like to use this time to begin our exterior season by power washing, and taking care of any light carpentry that may need to be performed for our upcoming projects for the summer. Cold mornings and temperature drops at the beginning and end of the day in late September and October don’t allow for efficient work days. On the other hand, June through September allows for full 8-10 hour days with very minor interruptions in the weather, this is the reason why June through September is busiest time of the year for our exterior season. If you are starting to collect painting quotes from different companies during these months, you will find that most established companies will be fully booked for 1-2 months, so you will need to be patient and diligent when finding the right painting contractor for you. Many companies want your business and hope to fit you in their already crammed schedule but this can result in rushed projects with less than satisfactory results for your project. n

What should I expect when requesting a quote from a painting company during the busy and last part of the exterior painting season?

As mentioned above, June through September is when is when we are fully dedicated on beautifying houses all over central Indianapolis and surrounding areas. If you are currently in the beginning process of finding a painting company to help you with your project, you will find that some contractors will take a long time to return your call, not return your call, book your project to sub-contractors and over promise when they can get to your project because they really want to get your business. The demand is higher than the capacity to fulfill the demand, specially towards the end of the season when it’s common to get a rush of request for exterior painting. Established companies like Priority Painting Services will be booked for about 1-2 months in advance but are considerate of your time by returning your call or request for an estimate and will set realistic expectations for your project. Established companies are inundated with calls but years of experience have made it possible to set up proper response times, adequate planning for your project and extensive communication with customers from beginning of the initial quote request, until the end of your project in order to provide the best experience as possible.

Am I too late to request for a quote right now and expect my house to get painted this year?

We believe that the best time to look for a painting contractor to help you with your exterior project is late winter or early spring. You should expect companies to respond to your quote request in a timely manner and at the very least inform you whether they are able to fit you in the schedule or not. Cancellations, schedule delays and other factors may allow companies to fit you in their schedule but regardless on how busy companies are, you want companies to ask questions that seek information regarding your expectations when it comes to your schedule, the scope of work and your expectations for the final result of your project. It’s standard for companies to have a 60-90 day or seasonal timeframes to honor their estimates and this should be communicated to you by the company to allow you make the best decision for your project. Sometimes it makes sense to postpone your painting project until next season in order to allow adequate time to pick colors, perform needed work before painting, and the use of higher grade paint that might otherwise not be available to be used in colder temperatures. on the other hand, if you are trying to sell your home, need to protect exterior surfaces or other reason that require painting to be done before winter, painting contractors should be honest about their availability in order to avoid disappointing you from the very beginning of your interaction with them.

Would you like to get an estimate for next season or need your house painted before the winter?

Priority Painting Services would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate, whether you are in the very beginning of the process of finding a company to help you with your project or if you are ready to pull the trigger on hiring a contractor. If you are still unsure, we encourage you to submit as much information as possible including pictures, dimensions, color schemes and expectations in order to get the most accurate information from us on how we can help you with your project. Our exterior painting season is coming to a close but we would be more than happy to help you plan for next season. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers all over the Indianapolis area. We would love to have the opportunity to serve you next.

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