Home Exterior Paint Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your Home in Central Indiana?

Home Exterior Paint

If you’re a Hamilton County homeowner considering a restoration or renovation project, your home’s exterior might be top of mind. How can you get a beautiful, long-lasting look without compromising your budget? Painting or whitewashing the exterior of your home is a great way to improve curb appeal, add a touch of modernization, and make […]

Limewashing: A Long-Lasting, Modern Look for Brick Exteriors

Discover the timeless allure of limewashing for your brick exterior. Say goodbye to the woes of traditional painting and hello to a rustic, eco-friendly solution with Romabio’s mineral-based products. Contact Priority Painting for a quote today!

What is so special about Farrow & Ball paints?

Farrow & Ball is a high-end British design company that focuses on providing the highest quality ingredients and the richest pigment possible to their products. Farrow & Ball has been around for 80 years, their founders, John Farrow and Richard Ball together shared a passion for making pigment rich paints that didn’t have additives, and […]

What are mineral-based paints?

If you’ve been doing your research about doing limewashing or whitewashing in your brick, you have probably heard of mineral paint, and a mention of masonry paint as well. So, what’s the difference between minreals paint, Masonry paint, aren’t all paints the same?! Not quite! In this blog we’ll differentiate mineral paints, their relationship with […]

What are Italian Wood Coatings/2k Polyurethanes?

It seems like everyone is painting their cabinets! This has been the trend for a few years now and the big paint vendors like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG have stepped up their game coming up with products that marketed for cabinets but are they the best products for you cabinets? We think that […]

Is it too late to get my house painted in Indianapolis?

It is too late to get your house painted? when is it too early or when is it too late to get painting estimates? Can i still get my house painted this season? In this blog we’ll discuss information regarding what you should expect from painting contractors in central Indianapolis and surrounding areas if you […]