Limewashing: A Long-Lasting, Modern Look for Brick Exteriors

Discover the timeless allure of limewashing for your brick exterior. Say goodbye to the woes of traditional painting and hello to a rustic, eco-friendly solution with Romabio’s mineral-based products. Contact Priority Painting for a quote today!

What’s the difference between whitewashing and limewashing?

What’s the difference between whitewashing and limewashing? Exposed brick adds warmth and texture to many homes, but when it’s time to upgrade, whitewashing and limewashing is a term used interchangeably when someone is thinking about coating their brick, and it can cause some confusion, but there is a difference between the two! Whitewashing Application Whitewash […]

What is masonry paint?

Masonry flat paint from Romabio is a mineral-based product that offers an even coverage instead of the distress look that you get from their limewash products. Masonry flat paint has been a game changer when it comes to painting brick, because it allows your brick to breathe unlike traditional acrylic/latex paints that trap in moisture […]

Everything you need to know about limewashing

For the past two months we’ve been getting many requests for limewashing, and a lot of people have questions regarding what exactly limewash is and how it differs from the standard latex paint. In this blog we’ll talk about what limewash is and how it’s made, how limewash works, how limewash differs from latex paint, […]