What is masonry paint?

Masonry flat paint from Romabio is a mineral-based product that offers an even coverage instead of the distress look that you get from their limewash products. Masonry flat paint has been a game changer when it comes to painting brick, because it allows your brick to breathe unlike traditional acrylic/latex paints that trap in moisture in your brick. Traditionally, experts don’t recommend painting brick because moisture can cause damage once sealed or trapped in. But if you use a breathable, masonry paint that doesn’t seal or trap moisture in your brick, then you won’t have any issues.

In this post we’ll talk about the benefits of using Romabio’s flat masonry paint, the disadvantages of using regular paint compared to using Romabio’s masonry paint.

Masonry paint vs regular paint

Brick is made from clay, sand, lime, and other mineral based materials. Romabio’s flat masonry paint is also made of mineral-based materials, and potassium silicate as the main binder. This makes it so that the masonry paint is absorbed by the brick, and it allows it to breathe! As the product cures, it calcifies to create a long-lasting, durable, opaque looking finish that won’t peel, chip, or flake, which is what makes it a superior product to regular paint. Also, masonry paint also has additives that offer the same protection as any regular paint.

Acrylic/latex paints are petroleum-based products that create a topcoat built on top of your brick, and because it’s not meant to bind to brick, a brick sealer/primer is necessary for the actual paint finish to bind. Since the brick is sealed, and brick holds a lot of moisture as the weather changes from season to season and the freezing and thawing cycles occurs, this makes it to the moisture tries to escape, and it does so by breaking the painted topcoat, which results in paint peeling, cracking, chipping and bubbling.

In summary, the biggest advantage of Romabio’s masonry flat paint compared to regular acrylic/latex paint is that it doesn’t seal in moisture, and Romabio’s masonry paint offer a beautiful opaque vintage finish that cannot be replicated by any acrylic/latex paints

Benefits of Romabio’s masonry paint

Problems with acrylic/latex paints and moisture

Moisture is the most dangerous enemy to brick, and we’ve seen that there are many ways that moisture can get into your brick. Even if you seal/prime your brick, moisture will creep its way in! A lot of times we find that bad roofing, insufficient flashing, or poor drainage are the most common ways for moisture to sneak into your brick, creating lots of problems. Also, since brick is porous and absorbs moisture quickly, humidity, precipitation and moisture on the ground are usually the easiest way for moisture to find its way to your brick. Once moisture finds its way into your regular painted brick, it is going to force its way out, creating peeling, cracking, and flaking. This is worst in the wintertime when moisture freezes and thaws throughout the day, causing deterioration in your brick because it’s constantly going through the freeze-thaw cycle hundreds of times for months! You may not see the paint failure immediately, but once you notice that paint on your brick, it will fail.

Different options for Masonry flat paint

Romabio Masonry Flat:

This masonry paint is designed for natural brick, stone, and this product can also be applied to stucco or pre-painted surfaces, cement blocks with a special primer. This finish creates a classy traditional flat finish for your brick!

Romabio Masonry Flat Texture & Lime Slurry: Have brick that is in rough shape? Lime slurry is made from the same limestone/mineral materials as masonry flat paint, but lime slurry has additional grit in the formula that makes it ideal for rough or “bark-like” brick to help smooth out the surface, by depositing grit into the cuts and grooves. You can restore the look of your brick with an easy paint job, and get rid of your ugly, rough looking brick!


There are a lot of other information that you will find online that claim that Romabio products are cheaper than regular, but the truth is that these products are in fact more expensive than regular acrylic/latex paints, but they are close to what you would get if you were to purchase a high-quality acrylic/latex paint. If you think about it, it’s more expensive, but what exterior paint on the market guarantees their product to perform for 20 years. In addition to this, unfortunately, Romabiodoesn’t have a distributor in Indianapolis, so thanks to building a relationship with Romabio, we’ve been able to build a relationship with a couple of vendors around Indiana that make it possible for us to bring these products to Indianapolis.


We hope you found this information helpful! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We would be happy to walk you through your decision-making process to see if Romabio masonry flat paint and Priority Painting Services are a fit for your project!

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