How much does it cost for exterior house painting?

The cost of exterior house painting has many variables and depends on many different factors. All variables and factors are different in each house, but the ranges in the link below can serve as guide for you to get a good idea of how much your project will cost. In this blog we give you an insight of what the variables and factors are, and other things that we look for when setting up a proposal for you!

Variables considered when quoting the exterior of your house:n

Surface type:

Not all surfaces are the same! Your house may have cedar siding, hari-plank siding, brick, or stucco. Depending on what type of siding you need painted, there are different levels of difficulty between different surfaces. For examples, painting stucco which has a rough surface compared to hardi-plank surface, which is a smooth surface makes a big difference! Surfaces like stucco require more labor as stucco is a porous and requires back-rolling because spraying alone will not get the sufficient coating necessary for adequate coating. In the other hand, hardi-plank surfaces are not porous and smooth, this means that spraying is more than sufficient to obtain appropriate coverage.

Powerwashing: First step of every exterior project!

Condition & your needs:

The number of coatings that your project will need depends on the condition of the surfaces and what your goal is for your project. If you want your house painted because it hasn’t been painted in many years and you’re looking to protect your home, you will most likely need two coats for the paint job to last! Instead, if you are planning to eventually sell your home, then you will most likely need to do 1 coat to just freshen things up and get it ready to go on the market. Also, if the condition of your home is rough because the surfaces haven’t been painted in many years, it’s more than likely that one coat will not be enough to provide sufficient coverage and a second coat should be strongly considered since the first coat will most likely absorb a lot of the first coat, not leaving enough of a topcoat to protect your house!

Color Schemes:

As expected, houses with 1 color throughout the exterior will take less time than projects that have 2-3 colors for trim, siding, shutters, and front doors. In addition, when changing the colors of your house, 2 coats should be considered as the original color may show through if only one coat is applied. 2 coats not only provide with appropriate coating, but it also helps to display the true color that you have picked for you project!


As you can imagine, a 1 story home will require less labor than a 2-story house. Also, the dangers of having employees on the ladders and waking around roofs is also something that is considered when working in your house. This means that the higher, more complicated your house is, the longer it takes for your project to complete.

Difficulty & accessibility:

The difficulty and accessibility of your house is determined by the height and the accessibility to the surfaces we will be painting. Dormers, cupolas, and trim pieces that require employees walking on the roof or using ladders, make it so that our crews work attentively to protect themselves, their co-workers, and your home. The same can be said regarding trees, bushes and flowers, bushes being the more impactful because they make it hard to reach certain areas with ladders and can also be hazardous as employees work around them. Below you can find some of the categories we label projects that we are giving estimates for.

Preparation: Key step in providing the best finish possible! (scrapping & priming)

Difficulty & Accessibility:

Level 1: [Easy Accessibility] Minimal Trees, flowers, bushes, shutters

Level 2: [Accessible] Mild Bushes, Flowers, Trees, Shutters

Level 3: [Problematic Accessibility] Bushes, Flowers, Trees, Shutters, 2nd story even ground, and chimneys

Level 4: [Difficult accessibility] Hard to reach areas (chimneys, cupolas, etc.)

In addition to the factors above, we also value your expectations for your project. Hearing what the vision and expectations for your project help us deliver the best experience possible when working with us! It takes more than just giving you a price for labor and materials to give an estimate for your project…. We want to gain your trust that we will deliver a great finish product and will be there after we’re finished!!

We hope that this blog help you and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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