The best paint for your interior projects and the tools you need!

So many paint brands to choose from…… how do you know what will be the best paint for your project? It all starts with what your need is at the moment….. Are you moving and just need to do a quick paint job to make some rooms look presentable before putting it on the market? Or are you ready for a change and add some new color to your spaces? The paint brands below are paints that we have a lot of experience using and will guide you in choosing the right paint for you!

Pro tip: Lower grade paints may sounds like a good deal but in reality, lower grade paints don’t offer the coverage, paint leveling and forgiveness in application that can be seen with mid-grade paints!

nFirst, let’s start with sheens!

nTo keep it short, paint sheen is how much light is reflected off a wall in a painted surface when light hits it. Also, the higher the sheen, the more protection you will have! The following are the most popular sheens along with what rooms they serve best in.

Flat sheen: Doesn’t reflect any light.

Recommended Surfaces: Living rooms, foyers, open areas and ceilings.

The best thing about flat sheen paint is that since it doesn’t reflect any light, it makes it so drywall imperfections are not noticeable!

Satin/Eggshell: Low to medium reflection of light.

Recommended Surfaces: High traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens.

If you need protection from heavy traffic areas and little ones that can’t keep their hands of the walls… this should be your go to sheen! The low to medium sheen allows you to wipe down any scuffs or markings better than flat sheen paints.

Semigloss: Medium to moderate reflection of light

Recommended surfaces: Doors, baseboards and door & window casings.

The moderate sheen allows surfaces harden more than flat and satin/eggshell, so it makes it ideal for the protection of trim and doors around your house!

Best interior paint for Walls

1st Choice: Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior:

One of the best-in-class paints that has advanced stain blocking capabilities, great coverage and it contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew! (excellent for bathrooms).

The reason this is our go to paint is because it consistently delivers beautiful finishes that stay true to paint colors and is a low VOC product that makes it safe for everyone around. Because this is a high-grade product, the flat sheen also offers the wipe ability that other products with flat sheens cannot offer. In addition, the flat sheen also has great hiding ability, with all the cleaning benefits that are only available in other brand with a higher sheen.

Best Brush and Roller:

2nd Choice: Sherwin Williams Cashmere:

If you’re moving and need an excellent finish, this product offers silky smooth finish that looks good from all angles! This is a perfect mid-grade paint if you’re looking to move and need to paint some rooms because it’s forgiving when applied (Not as easy to leave streaks left behind after rolling), and the quality also allow for great coverage!

Best Brush and Roller:

Best paint for Trim, Baseboards, and doors

1st Choice: Sherwin Williams Pro classic alkyd:

Pro Classic paint is a product that gives you fine finishes with excellent hide for imperfections along the trim and an awesome dry time. Oil based paints are known for having the best smooth finishing after brushing and rolling, but since oil-based paints are slowly being replaced with safer more environment sensitive products, alkyds mimics the finishes of oil base paints but with all the safety of a water-based product!! This product will leave you with a classy finish that will make your trim work pop!

Pro tip: If you’re not too experienced and are worried about paint runs, use a paint extender that will give you more drying time so the paint has more time to level out!

Best Brush and Roller:

2nd Choice: Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane:

This trim paint has outstanding durability, excellent blocking resistance and great leveling for amazing finishes. Because this product is an enamel-based product, this means that it will harden more than any regular latex paint! This product also provides great coverage for any yellowing stains that your surfaces may have!

Best Brush and Roller:

Best paint for Ceilings

1st Choice: Sherwin Williams Promar Ceiling:

Superflat finish and excellent white base that allows for great coverage for your ceilings, with a not so bright finish that allows your ceilings to be painted in one coat without worrying about the possibility of having to do another coat! This is our go to when we’re wanting to make sure that our ceilings can get covered in one coat!


Best Brush and Roller:

2nd Choice: Sherwin Williams: Eminence:

If you’re looking for your ceilings to be a bright white… This is the product for you! In addition to being a flat sheen product that will help you hide any ceiling imperfections, this product also has mold and mildew resistant technology that will make your ceilings look fresh, crisp and protected!

Best Brush and Roller:

Lastly, we know that choosing which roller nap to use for your project is hard because everyone has different opinions depending on their experience. We like to stick to the recommendations from the people that make the paint so below you will find a guide to help you choose the correct roller nap for your project!

It’s important to remember that if you use a thick, fluffy roller on a smooth wall, it will leave you with an orange feel finish, and if you use a thin roller over rough surfaces like stucco, your roller nap will rip apart and you wont be able to get paint in all the crevices!

We hope that this information helps you whether you’re tackling a painting project on your own, or you’re looking for information when looking for a professional to help you with your project! Also, thank you very much to Sherwin William’s for all their helpful information.

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