Limewashing: A Long-Lasting, Modern Look for Brick Exteriors

Like many homeowners with modern taste, you might be questioning whether or not to paint the brick exterior of your home. There are, of course, downsides to painting brick: chipping or flaking over time, losing some of the brick’s natural texture, and getting caught in the crosshairs of online renovation discourse, just to name a few. But, there are still many homes, especially in the midwest, that are rocking 1970s yellow-brown brick exteriors despite the palette falling out of vogue. Homeowners shouldn’t have to settle for an outdated look in an effort to avoid the downsides of latex exterior paint. That’s where limewashing comes in.  

Limewashing is a brick color treatment option that, similar to lime painting or whitewashing, re-colors the surface while retaining the texture, character of the brick underneath and without affecting the integrity of your brick. It’s longer lasting than paint and offers a rustic, old world patina look while maintaining the character of the material. 

Latex paint sits on the surface of brick, trapping moisture and potentially causing bubbling. In contrast, limewash soaks into the brick, which allows some of the original brick color to come through, giving the surface dimension and texture that pairs beautifully with sleek, modern finishes and outdoor furniture. The products used for limewashing also keep the patina look over time, setting it apart from most latex-based products.

Limewashed brick exterior home with lush landscaping

At Priority Painting, our go-to limewash product is from Romabio. It’s an Italian mineral-based limewash that is eco-friendly, high-end, and provides an old-world vintage look to the exterior of your home. Romabio offers a variety of whites and grays in warm, cool, and neutral tones to pair with any shade of brick exterior. 

One other plus to this treatment is that test patches can easily be removed within 24 hours of application, so if you’re not in love with the swatch, we can easily remove it that day. Color consultation and touch-ups are also included in our limewash service, so you have an expert on your side every step of the way.  

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