What is so special about Farrow & Ball paints?

Farrow & Ball is a high-end British design company that focuses on providing the highest quality ingredients and the richest pigment possible to their products. Farrow & Ball has been around for 80 years, their founders, John Farrow and Richard Ball together shared a passion for making pigment rich paints that didn’t have additives, and if you look at their collection, you will see that they carry unique signature colors that you won’t find with any other vendors. What’s their secret? In addition to having the passion to create unique colors, they also don’t add tint to their paint products like you see at your regular paint store! This makes it so that color consistency is controlled and eliminates any human or machine errors that are common when tinting paint by the gallon. n

Want beautiful colors? Don’t skip the primer!

To get the true colors for Farrow & Ball, specific primers are needed to provide a foundation layer on which to build with for your final coatings. Using a Farrow & Ball primer will create an even layer for your colors, it will ensure long lasting performance from your paint, and more importantly, it will create the richness and depth of your chosen topcoat color.

What products does Farrow & Ball carry?

Farrow & Balls carries a variety of products, and their most popular line would most definitely have to be their Estate Emulsion, and Modern Emulsion. Here is a list of their products:

  • Estate Emulsion: Their original chalky, and very matt finish for interiors and ceilings. This paint provides a 2% sheen, and this flat finish responds extraordinarily well to all types of light, creating a unique character that can’t be matched. They also offer an eggshell and full gloss sheen that can be used on trim, doors, and metal.
  • Modern Emulsion: This coating has a 7% sheen that is suited for interior walls and ceilings but offers some more protection for your walls in those high traffic areas. An eggshell sheen is also available to provide coating for surfaces like kitchen cabinets, floors, and metal surfaces.

Farrow & Ball also carry exterior products in eggshell, masonry, and limewash products.

How much does it cost?

Because Farrow & Ball has unique signature colors, they’re higher priced compared to any other mid-grade products on the market. On the other hand, if you use a high-quality regular paint from other painting vendors, the price difference in comparison is close to that of the price of Farrow & Ball.

It’s important to note that simply matching Farrow & Ball colors and using other painting vendors will do an ok job, but it wouldn’t have the same effect that the Farrow & Ball products offer when light interacts with the paint color. If you’re looking for unique colors, it’s well worth it compared to the colors that you get from your regular paint vendors.

Is Farrow & Ball right for you?

If you want to create a unique atmosphere with colors that will change as the day goes by and that will improve your mood, and that you will never get tired of looking at… Farrow & Ball is for you! We have used these products on various projects, and their amazing colors cannot be matched, the depth of their product pigmentations is worth the money!

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