What are mineral-based paints?

If you’ve been doing your research about doing limewashing or whitewashing in your brick, you have probably heard of mineral paint, and a mention of masonry paint as well. So, what’s the difference between minreals paint, Masonry paint, aren’t all paints the same?! Not quite! In this blog we’ll differentiate mineral paints, their relationship with masonry paint, and how they’re completely different than your standard latex/acrylic based paints!

Mineral-based paints are coatings made from mineral and eco-sustainable resources that make coatings that are offer equivalent or better protection than regular latex/acrylic paints. Why are mineral-based paints better? Mineral-based paints are made from natural resources like for example, limestone. This makes so that mineral-based lime Romabio Classico Limewash are absorbed into your brick and become part of your brick! Latex/Acrylic based paints on the hand, create a top coat above the layer of brick, why is this bad? Brick is a porous surface, when you paint it, you are essentially trapping in that moisture that will want to get out. If you paint your brick, the trapped moisture will want to get out and with time, it will break away the top coat, leaving with with bubbling, cracking, and peeling paint in your brick. In addition, regular latext/acrylic paints are petroleum-based products, so as far as the finish look, it will leave you with a plastic look compared to the flat, vintage, old world look that mineral based products offer!

Our Favorite products

Limewash, April 2022, Noblesville, Indiana

We do lots of limewashing in and around Indianapolis and we have been working with a couple of different products in the past 7 years to deliver the best limewashing/whitewashing and masonry painting in our area! Our go-to products are all made by Romabio, they offer superior quality and the best look out of all the products we’ve tested. The products below are products that we use often, and have learned to use over the years. Make sure you hire pros that know how to work with these products because experience is key when working with these products!!

Romabio Classico Limewash: This product is used for limewashing and w

hitewashing. Romabio Classico Limewash gives you the classy old world vintage patina look and will give you all the benefits that mineral-based products offers. I you would like information on the differences between limewash and whitewash, please see our “What’s the difference between whitewashing and limewashing?” blog.

Romabio Masonry Flat:

For those that aren’t looking to whitewash or limewash their project with any distress, and are looking for that painted look but without ruining your brick, this is our go to! Masonry Flat gives you an even painted look, but with a classy vintage look that won’t look like a plastic application that is often left by when using latex/acrylic paints. This product is breathable, so your brick won’t be sealed, and has an unmatched product warranty of 20 years! Learn more about Romabio Masonry Flat in our blog, What is Masonry Paint?

Romabio Textured Masonry Paint(AKA Lime Slurry): This product is just like the Mason

ry paint, but it’s a heavy built material that offers a texture to your finish. This is meant to be used when you don’t like the brick look of your house, and would like to have more of a stucco texture,. Romabio Textured Masonry Paint is also an excellent option if your brick is severely damaged, and doesn’t look good. This textured product will brick your brick back to life!!

Romabio Interior Mineral Paints: Want to bring the classy vintage, old world look into your office of bedroom? It can be achieved even if your house has been previously painted with regular latex paints! An interior mineral primer and finish for interior wall surfaces & trim can totally transform the interior of your house and this interior product provides a naturally gorgeous finish, with a unique color selection that is not only beautiful but exceptionally durable, and washable.

Your Romabio Experts

It has taken us lots of practice in order to come up with systems and processes to obtain the look that our customers want for their projects and we’re proud to offer Romabio in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We do consider ourselves the experts in our area and we’re thankful that Romabio had certified us as a preferred contractor to use their products. We hope that this blog helps you in your research and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to each out!

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